How to Determine if You Are Blocking Your Own Success

  • You live in fear. You fear failing, fear you’re not good enough, fear you won’t be liked, etc., etc., etc.
  • You don’t accept even the smallest challenges or take initiative
  • You drift through your days with no real purpose
  • You’re not surrounding yourself with big thinkers and those that make things happen
  • You have poor habits
  • You say yes to everyone but you
  • You think you are the only one who can perform tasks the right way
  • You have no real or true focus
  • You wait for events to happen. [Hint: YOU need to make them happen.]
  • You’ve become too comfortable and don’t want to rock the boat

If this sounds like you, then coaching can help guide you out of your own way and onto the path of success. Coaching will teach you tools to keep you on track long after coaching ends.

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