behaviors aOver 30 years and 30,000,000 assessments, TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® has helped more than
100,000 trim DNA 1companies improve the lives and productivity of
their employees, organizations and management teams.
Diane has 17 + years experince as a TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS® authorized provider.

People have UNIQUE TALENTS and SKILLS of which they are often unaware.
TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS exists to REVEAL and HARNESS this talent using the SCIENCE OF SELF®.

Diane Bogino is here to improve the lives and productivity of your employees, organization and management team. Diane brings solid expertise and successful experience in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Selection, and Team Productivity in a variety of organizations and industries.  Call Diane today (404) 320-7834

What Happens When Your Productivity is Low?

A lack of productivity can be caused by a number of issues. The idea is to find the source of your non-productive behavior. Here are some clear tell-tell signs that you have become non-productive.

  • You find it difficult to maintain focus and are too easily distracted.
  • You are an avid procrastinator
  • Being overwhelmed. Maybe you’re setting goals too high or looking at the big picture instead of the next logical step. Or you feel you have too much work.
  • Being at the beck and call of others
  • You see no clear benefit in the tasks at hand
  • You’re not sure where to begin, so you don’t
  • You don’t know how to begin, so you don’t
  • You find it difficult to complete projects
  • You have difficulty prioritizing
  • You have poor time management skills

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