The Growth Curve X-Ray is a leadership exercise in uncovering the 'hidden agents' that are creating obstacles to a company's growth. Because the foundation of the X-Ray program a research-based growth model called the 7 Stages of Growth, issues that are raised in an X-Ray are able to be compared to other companies in like stages of growth. Those comparisons can then be applied to the company's past, current and future stage of growth. This allows a CEO and his/her leadership team to work from a proven-structure for growth and anchors their initiatives in concrete outcomes.

The program is based on understanding the 7 Stages of Growth enterprise development model. The model, developed by James Fischer, is based on interviews with over 650 CEOs of successful companies. That research uncovered a level of complexity that expands as a company adds people. During the X-Ray a company's management team becomes immersed in the 7 Stages of Growth in order to better understand the dynamics that are shaping the ability of the company to manage its growth. Call today for a complimentary consultation, let ushelp you with your Growth Curve 404-320-7834.

Outcomes of Growth Curve