Tandem Teams Bold

The Eleven Point Tandem Teams Program helps teams improve
trust, functionality, understanding, communication and performance.

One:    Meeting with the Management Team to explore the current environment, goals and business strategies

Two:     Observation of three team meetings

Three:  Each team member takes online battery of assessments

Four:    Debrief of individual team members' assessments

Five:     Management team receives a report of comparison and collective team information.

Six:       First of four Tandem Team Building Meetings

Seven: Coaching begins. Each team member receives 26 hours of coaching over a six-month period.
             (1 hour per week for six months)

Eight:    Meeting with management team to discuss processes, results and recommendations

Nine:     Develop specific action plans for each team member

Ten:      Three month follow-up with Management Team

Eleven: Six month follow-up with Management Team

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