Coaching 400

How it works:


Bonus: 1. Five of my articles on career management!
These articles look at career management from perspectives that you may not have thought about. You will discover there’s more than the traditional way to move up the ladder.

Bonus 2. eBook entitled How to Give Dull, Boring Meetings a Swift Kick in the Agenda Table of Contents:

This eBook will help you identify and better handle different behavioral styles and to have more productive meetings.

Bonus 3. An 89-Page Report entitled, “Words That Don’t Work.”

New findings from a pilot study conducted by Target Training International’s Center for Applied Cognitive Research suggests the way we communicate with one another and the words we choose are vitally important. In fact, what seems to be critical is avoiding the wrong words: words that seem to fit the discussion from our point of view, may result in negative reactions when interpreted by others.


Bonus 4. An 18-Page White Paper entitled “Controlling Emotions in the Workplace – The Impact on your Bottom Line” The table of contents include:

What Your TriMetrix™ Report Contains

The TriMetrix Assessment is a combination of five assessments. The foundation of success is the understanding of one’s self. These assessments help reveal the following:

Assessment I:

The DISC assessment reveals your behavioral and communication styles along with the following:

Assessment II:

Knowledge of an individual’s driving forces or motivators help to tell us WHY we do things. The 12-Driving Forces Assessment help to initiate one’s behavior and are what moves us to act. We sometimes call them the hidden motivators because they are not always easy to observe. The purpose of the assessment is to assist in illuminating and amplifying some of those motivating factors and to build on strengths.


Assessment III:

The ultimate power behind increasing job satisfaction and performance comes from the blending of your behaviors and motivators. Individually, each is powerful to modify your actions, but the synergy of blending the two moves you to a whole new level. The Integrating [of your unique] Behaviors and Motivators Assessment reveals:

Assessment IV:

Research has shown that the most effective people are those who understand themselves, both their strengths and weaknesses, so they can develop strategies to meet the demands of their environment.
The design of the Acumen Indicators Assessment helps an individual truly understand themselves and how they analyze and interpret their experiences.  A person's acumen, keenness and depth of perception or discernment, is directly related to their level of success.  The stronger a person's acumen, the more aware he/she is of reality in both the external and internal world.
This section explores both how a person interacts with the external world and from a personal perspective.  There are seven primary areas that this section will explore:


Six-Month Coaching Program including our Powerful Trimetrix HD Assessment
Regularly:  $6,000

Less 15%: $5,100
Per Person

Assessment V:
The Development Indicator Assessment shows your development level of 25 personal skills based on your responses to the questionnaire.  The 25 personal skills are categorized into four levels based on means and standard deviations — Well Developed, Developed, Moderately Developed, and Needs Development.

Conceptual Thinking
Conflict Management
Continuous Learning
Customer Focus
Decision Making
Diplomacy & Tact
Employee Development/Coaching
Futuristic Thinking
Goal Achievement
Interpersonal Skills
Personal Accountability
Planning & Organizing
Problem Solving Ability
Understanding & Evaluating Others
Written Communication

Structure of Your Six-Month Coaching Program

Coaching sessions between the coach and the coaching participant are held in strict confidence barring the disclosure that a coaching participant might do harm to self, others, or the organization. Coaching participants and their immediate supervisor are encouraged to establish regular meeting times of once weekly, once every other week, or monthly to discuss progress, needs, or changes in the coaching program.

Coaching includes the issue of assignments that are either ongoing or that are to be completed between sessions.

Coaching is known to be a valuable tool for improving both individual productivity and organizational performance. Further, a six-month coaching program allows the coach and the coaching participant to work together over time to develop clear expertise in achieving personal, professional, and organizational goals.

The coaching program, includes the assessments and content as above, and 26 hours of coaching. Even though the program is for six-months, due to scheduling, holidays, etc. these sessions often go for a year. However, you only pay for the 26 hours. The first half (13) hours will be weekly. The second half (13) hours will be by-weekly. The first session will be to debrief the assessments and may take two hours, but only counts as one hour of coaching. Debriefing and reviewing your TriMetrix Assessment is critical because this is where you take action. The information within the assessment report is helpful, but it only becomes truly empowering when it’s properly understood. To help get to the empowerment stage I personally review each page with you allowing time for your questions and feedback.

Unlimited access to the coach is allowed via emails and phone calls between sessions. While coaching participants may require outside assistance from time to time, the coach and coaching participant will work together to:


Six-Month Coaching Program including our Powerful Trimetrix HD Assessment

Regularly:  $6,000
Less 20%: $5,100
Per Person