Six Ways Leaders Can Prepare for Continuing Changes and Challenges

6 Ways to Plan 210jpgLeading is difficult enough in the best of times. Leading in chaotic times challenges even the most seasoned leaders. Now with a new year on the way, it’s time for planning. Some typical planning organizations engage in during these times involve strategic planning, establishing goals, addressing talent requirements, budgeting, and analyzing a plethora of other business needs. The one thing we know leaders can’t plan for is the perfect business scenario. So how do leaders plan in and for chaos?

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7 Ways to Build a Better Team

Better Team 210Your favorite sports team takes the field, court, or ice. Team members are dressed in their respective team uniforms and colors, coaches are on the sidelines, referees are watching every move, the crowd supports their favorite, the sports casters call and analyze every play, and there are great rewards awaiting the winning team. What more could a team want? The better question is, does YOUR have all this?

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Hiring Yesterday, Today, and For Tomorrow

Yes Today Tom 210Ahhhh the good old days. Job seekers would send their resumes either by mail or post them online, you would select the best two to three candidates out of the 200 and call them in for an interview. Sometimes the choice was difficult because most all the resumes were good, and the three candidates you bring in to interview are stellar .Finally you make your decision, you hire the best of the best, they prove to be a great hire, stay with your organization for 15 or 20 years and become an top executive.  Well, you can toss that outdated VCR in the trash. Some readers will need to Google “VCR”. What’s different today?

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10 Tips for Helping New Managers Succeed

New Manager 210When front line high performers receive recognition for their good work, it is frequently given through receiving a promotion to management as a first line supervisor. The premise is, of course, that because they are high performers, they are well equipped to handle the next step in a career. It is also true that when these high performers receive these promotions, failure is all too often the result. Why is this?

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10 Ways Onboarding Can Help Engagement

EE Engge OnBrd 210Long ago and far away, working in the hospitality industry, part of my job was conducting the Onboarding program. A group of enthusiastic, bright, and eager new hires would enter the training room. More times than I wish to count about midmorning, a security officer would enter the room and escort one or two of my attendees out of the room. Everyone was watching this activity, disengaging from the presentation. They were curious about what was going on, not about the program at that moment. Some people would understand what was happening. The new hires leaving had not passed their drug tests. A sense of gloom took the excitement and energy right out of the room. Is this any way to operate an On Boarding Program?

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Elevating Employee Engagement

Engage 210Back in the old days when everyone was working in the office, there may have been conflict, a need for empathy, and a call for understanding. However, we may have had it too easy in terms of having the ability to anticipate, observe, and solve issues. Current times have taken much of the ability for these out of our hands. But wait, we’re all in this together! So, shouldn’t we have an even greater ability to anticipate, observe, and solve issues?

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