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Owl--WEBAccording to an article in HR Magazine, collaborative teams are an essential element today for success in business. Everybody knows that.

Well did you know…?

That a collaborative culture must be established by leadership in order for collaborative teams to develop. Collaboration must be encouraged both on the home doorstep and the doorstep of virtual teams. Teamwork must be valued and good performance rewarded for both teams and individuals. Everybody knows that.

Well did you know…?

Part of establishing a collaborative culture involves implementing an excellent communication system. Instructions, policies, procedures and changes must be communicated in a timely and precise and easy to understand manner. Conducting performance reviews must be done consistently, timely and in an equitable manner. This also helps reduce conflict. Everybody knows that.

Well did you know…?

Conflict needs to be managed. Don’t deny it exists…it does at some level. Preventing it is not a good idea either. Healthy conflict that is well-managed can provide clarity, present new perspectives and clear the air. This is on ongoing process. Everybody knows that.

Well did you know…?

That team building is ongoing? Teambuilding can be defined as “A set of planned activities designed to increase teamwork, cohesiveness, or other aspects of group performance” (Galanes, Adams & Brilhart, 2004). Teambuilding activities need to take pace for a new team, when a team member leaves and another joins the team and anytime the team may be in need of a boost to enhance teamwork or team performance. Part of team building is for the team to build its own culture. This is achieved through celebrations of landmark achievements both for the team as well as its individual members. Achievements can be birthdays, achieving benchmarks, and company-wide important dates such as the company’s founding, or any other event of significance to the team and its members. Everybody knows that.

Hmmmm, well if everybody knows these points, why is there still a lack of collaboration, poor communication, unmanaged conflict and a lack of teambuilding? Yes everybody knows these elements are essential for high performing teams, yet teams fail to work in tandem. Well did you know I can help? If you have questions or need more information about how to help your team work in tandem, give me a call at or email me and I’d be happy to explore ways to put your team back on the road to success.

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