ROI WEBThere are several reasons to evaluate the validity and ROI of a coaching program.

Bearing these essentials in mind, there are many variables and items to measure and these variables are not always numeric. In addition, many coaching experts suggest that only about 5% of coaching programs should be measured in terms of ROI. Further, no two coaching assignments are the same and no two coaches approach coaching from the same perspective. Nevertheless, it is important to review effectiveness and quantify impact of coaching. Ways to help measure coaching consist of evaluating some of the following:

In measuring the value of coaching, it is well to remember that many events can affect coaching in both a negative and positive fashion. Some events that might affect coaching in a negative manner, are if a life changing event occurs for the coachee, external events such as 9/11, or the market crash. These types of events can slow or impact coaching. A positive change can include something as “mundane” as the Hawthorne Effect. This is where people improve their performance when they know they are being measured (Bernard, 2006).

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