Why Your Team Can't Make Decisions

Decision Pending WEBWe make hundreds of decisions every day. Some may be more difficult to make than others. Deciding what to wear is a little less risky than, should I move to Bora Bora, or should I invest in soy beans or technology? When you add several other people into the decision making soup, it becomes a little more murky. There are many factors that can affect, influence, and block a team’s decision making efforts.

What Impacts a Team’s Decision Making Abilities?

Decision making processes and their results for that matter are not flawless. It is possible to reduce poor decision making by using appropriate models for particular decisions. An even bigger key is for team members to have a solid self-understanding of their own decision behavioral tendencies. In addition, other team members with other behavioral styles can help facilitate the decision making process through their understanding of their own and others decision making tendencies.

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