Transcending Team Troubles

Transcend Team Trb WEBAll teams run into roadblocks, challenges, and difficult times. This includes business, sports, martial, family and any other type of team. In business, difficulties can crop up due to outside influences such as a down economy, changes within the organization, either planned or unplanned, poor sales forecast, poor communication, and a myriad of other reasons. Failure to address these challenges quickly can lead to poor morale, quibbling, low productivity, expensive turnover, and a lack of trust. The question becomes, should the leader step in?

A visionary leader can often prevent or at the least, lessen the impact by being sensitive to what the future holds. There is no crystal ball needed, but more often than not, there are red flags everywhere. There are other ways to help “predict” the future. Trusted advisors may have opinions or ideas that can trigger further investigation. Financial and business programs may hint at what seems to be coming down the pike. Some leaders take the attitude that every team member is responsible for his or her own emotions, reactions, and thought processes. While this is true, a hands off or laissez-faire attitude may not be the best in such situations. What tools can a leader utilize to keep his or her team from falling apart, lesson the negative impact of a looming crisis, and even find opportunities?

None of these ideas are rocket science or revolutionary. However, they are often the most neglected and easily forgotten in the throes of a dilemma. Remember them and you and your team can transcend any team troubles together.

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