Organizational Change and Your Career

Winds of ChangeAs we climb the corporate ladder, we have much more at stake in our careers. Executives, in particular, play a high stakes game every day when it comes to career management. It is common knowledge that the more we earn, and the higher up we are on the ladder, the longer it takes to find a job when, for whatever reason, we are out of one.

Our ears often ring with “Always keep your resume up to date.” The winds of change can blow us and our careers in different directions. We can also hear that, “During change, no one’s job is safe.” This is a strong concern in the cases of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). Therefore, keeping your resume up to day during M&As becomes imperative. Do we do it? Not a chance. Take heart, an M&A doesn’t always mean a job loss and there are ways to prepare better and even, in some cases, take control. Let’s look at some scenarios and options.

If it looks like there may be some major gaps in favor of the competition, look around the organization and see if there is some internal move you can make. You may be willing to even be this person’s subordinate. Put your ego on hold and learn from him or her.

TIP: If the new organization is a family owned business, think logically. It isn’t likely the family members will come into the acquiring organization. More than likely, they will move onto other arenas.

TIP: Remember to put your ideas in the form of a formal proposal to your boss. That way, you have a record of it and no one is likely to take credit for your ideas.

TIP: There may be an opportunity to create a position using your set of talents, skills, and organizational experience. Again, look around at how growth and change will affect the company’s goals and fill a future need.

Organizational change can affect your career. Always being prepared for the possibility of change is the best deterrent to chaos and panic.

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