The Problem with Problem Solving

clean Water WEB SMLReading through the 37+ pages of research for this article, it became clear to me that the problem with problem solving is that there are too many ways to solve problems! Logic leads us to the conclusion that if there are so many ways to solve problems, why aren’t more problems being solved or better yet, why aren’t problems being prevented? One issue has to do with the way we think about problems.

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Outplacement: Should You or Shouldn’t You and Why

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Raise your hand if you have been in a downsizing, lay off, or right sizing event. If you’re reading this and you’re older than 12, your hand is no doubt high in the air. With less and less loyalty today on both the employee and employer side, it is likely to happen at some point in your career. No company is immune to resorting to such measures. An added catalyst today is the plethora of mergers and acquisitions. Companies don’t need two of the same position; for example, there can only be on compliance officer, one CHRO, one CFO, one COO, etc. Turnover is expensive and outplacement has its price. However, the cost of not doing outplacement may be costlier than you think, here’s why.

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Analytics and Talent Management: Mixing Oil and Water Effectively

Chef WEB 210People often think that mixing analytics and talent management is like mixing oil and water. To some managers talent management is equal to getting a bunch of third graders to stand in a straight line, keep quiet, and do their assignments. Unfortunately, some may still have that mindset. Data analytics can help managers and organizations find, hire, and manage talent better than ever before. 

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How to Be An Approachable Leader

Scowling Boss WEB SML 2The consummate leader is strong, stalwart, unbending, needs no help, and [OK insert sound of a needle scratching across a record here]. The leader above is a dinosaur if indeed such a leader ever did exist. A true leader is the opposite.

Let’s Exercise

A popular leadership training exercise is to have participants list the qualities of their favorite leader or boss and the qualities of their worst. This exercise is revealing to say the least. Today, leaders are more enlightened. Not! Recently, I had a coaching client whose manager kept a jar on his desk with a phrase printed on it. The phrase read, “Employee Ashes.” While many people might brush this off or even find it humorous, the sight of this jar with its message was having an adverse effect on my client. In addition, the manager had a management style befitting the phrase on his beloved jar. In fact, this jar and her boss’ management style evoked such feelings in my client that she and I were working to find her a new job as quickly as possible.     


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How to be a Talent First CEO

Savvy CEO WEB SMLCEOs focus on strategy and must also ensure their organization is financially sound. There is another critical concern and that is talent. The savvy CEO is the one who understands the importance of hiring good talent, ensuring a good fit, and then continuously developing that talent. Good talent pulls organizations through the good times, tough times, major changes, and navigating a crisis. But the CEO cannot and should not take on the talent task alone. One of the major partners in the talent effort is HR. However, the CFO should also be a part of that talent task triangle. Having these two partners in place is a great benefit to the CEO.

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The Shadow Knows

Shadow Knows WEB SMLJob shadowing is often good for young people considering a profession. A company allows an individual to come in and job shadow a person in marketing, or HR, or a chef, an attorney to help the new job seeker to see if the job or industry is a good match for his/her interests. Organizations would be wise to consider implementing job shadowing. However, job shadowing does have its detractors.

Job Shadowing

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HR Trends – Are You Keeping Up?

HR Trends WEB SMLIt used to be that when there was a job opening, a “personnel” manager could just post it in the paper, job seekers would look in the Help Wanted Section and the two of you would connect. The candidate would receive an invitation for an interview and if the candidate could walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time, he or she would be under serious consideration if not hired on the spot. Now HR and the organization must take a far more active role in recruiting, hiring, and retaining their workforce.

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