The Priceless Career Campaign

Machiavelli WEB SMLRecently, I went into a bank to deposit money into some CDs. The woman who helped me was older and quite efficient. I just assumed she had been with the bank for many years. When I asked her how long she had been with the bank, she said, I’ve only been here about six months. She explained that she had been with a bigger bank that was purchased by an even bigger bank and management laid off all the women over 55 years of age. But wait, there’s more!

Ford is laying off 7000 workers. The media has lost 2,700 workers to layoffs. 

According to Ars Technica when AT&T purchased Time Warner, layoffs occurred in 11 states due to “geographic rationalization [whatever THAT is] and employee surplus”. An inside source at CNN shared with me that in Atlanta, most of the layoffs were people 55 and older. I guess there was a need for “age rationalization” as well.

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If It’s to Be…3 Activities for Career Growth

career planning WEB SMLOnce I had a boss whose favorite saying was, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” She was especially fond of saying it when people were complaining about their jobs, the pay, or having success escape them for some unknown reason. As with most all success, it’s mostly always a matter of getting out of our own way. Nowhere is this truer than in our careers. One reason this is the case is that we so often feel we have no control of our careers or events that happen in an organization that seem to affect our careers or at least the next steps. Let’s see how you can get out of your own way and take control of our career.

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Six HR Metrics You and Your CEO Need Now

art 6 HR StratWEB SMLMost of the time, it seems, HR and CEOS are like oil and water. They can’t find the right mix of what the CEO needs to run the organization and the information HR can provide toward those goals. HR has information at its fingertips and when turning that information into concise metrics can provide real time strategic direction for the CEO.       

Hiring Metrics: Hiring and recruiting metrics may include how many employees are on board currently, how many people you have or will be hiring this year, the number of terminations, and the number of promotions. Yawn, so what?

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Talent: Finding, Hiring, and Keeping It

Finding Talent WEB SMLAny of these three topics might fill volumes of books. Indeed, there are volumes of information about all of them today, especially finding good talent. Technology is part of the problem and part of the solution. According to several sources, America is one of the leading countries in the advancement of technology. Microsoft suggests that the United Kingdom leads the way in how schools use technology. Technology, without the talent to use it, is useless. Therefore, if education is not keeping up, there may be a lag in finding that talent. In addition, even though technology has certainly been around for a while, a number of older Americans are not keeping up with technology. That can put a dent in the talent pool. Another issue is the fact that younger people have no loyalty to one company and the talent pool becomes unsustainable. How can technology be the culprit but also the solution?


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How to Roll with Role Change

Confused People WEB SMLThe role of CIO (Chief Information Officer) has been around for decades. However, the role often suffers from an identity crisis. At its conception, the role was to serve IT or information systems and data processing. However, changes for this role over the years are dramatic. For example, according to Balance, CIOs must keep up with constantly changing technology, but now skill requirements might include:

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The Problem with Problem Solving

clean Water WEB SMLReading through the 37+ pages of research for this article, it became clear to me that the problem with problem solving is that there are too many ways to solve problems! Logic leads us to the conclusion that if there are so many ways to solve problems, why aren’t more problems being solved or better yet, why aren’t problems being prevented? One issue has to do with the way we think about problems.

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Outplacement: Should You or Shouldn’t You and Why

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Raise your hand if you have been in a downsizing, lay off, or right sizing event. If you’re reading this and you’re older than 12, your hand is no doubt high in the air. With less and less loyalty today on both the employee and employer side, it is likely to happen at some point in your career. No company is immune to resorting to such measures. An added catalyst today is the plethora of mergers and acquisitions. Companies don’t need two of the same position; for example, there can only be on compliance officer, one CHRO, one CFO, one COO, etc. Turnover is expensive and outplacement has its price. However, the cost of not doing outplacement may be costlier than you think, here’s why.

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Analytics and Talent Management: Mixing Oil and Water Effectively

Chef WEB 210People often think that mixing analytics and talent management is like mixing oil and water. To some managers talent management is equal to getting a bunch of third graders to stand in a straight line, keep quiet, and do their assignments. Unfortunately, some may still have that mindset. Data analytics can help managers and organizations find, hire, and manage talent better than ever before. 

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