Protecting Your Career During Organizational Change

Greek Warrior WEB SMLAll too often when people are out of a job, they have no resources to invest in themselves. These resources include such activities as coaching, resume preparation, or even attending key networking events. This is true at every level of position, yes, even at the executive level. While some may have the money, there is a fear of letting go of it. What ever happened to the Boy Scout motto, “Be prepared.”  Being prepared in today’s increasing activity of mergers and acquisitions that can create career careening events would seem a smart move. How can you protect your career during such organizational changes?

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Influence – A Career Strategy Tool

Influence WEB SMLOften when conducting training and coaching sessions, even at supervisor, manager, director, and vice president levels, many people feel powerless at work. Indeed, a title alone doesn’t necessarily guarantee you a higher level of power or greater influence. Yes, it’s true, authority does and always will have the final power leverage in almost any given situation. But that does not mean you have no power or influence.  So, how can you gain power and influence and why is it important in helping achieve your career goals?

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Is Harmony Holding Your Team Back?

Team Harmony WEB SMLThere is no blueprint for teams because every team is different, and every individual member of the team is different. Both teams and individuals have goals, challenges, levels of expertise, and experiences. These differences can be the catalyst for chaos. While we are finally learning how diversity of ideas and opinions is a good idea, are we equipped at handling the chaos that can bring?

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The Priceless Career Campaign

Machiavelli WEB SMLRecently, I went into a bank to deposit money into some CDs. The woman who helped me was older and quite efficient. I just assumed she had been with the bank for many years. When I asked her how long she had been with the bank, she said, I’ve only been here about six months. She explained that she had been with a bigger bank that was purchased by an even bigger bank and management laid off all the women over 55 years of age. But wait, there’s more!

Ford is laying off 7000 workers. The media has lost 2,700 workers to layoffs. 

According to Ars Technica when AT&T purchased Time Warner, layoffs occurred in 11 states due to “geographic rationalization [whatever THAT is] and employee surplus”. An inside source at CNN shared with me that in Atlanta, most of the layoffs were people 55 and older. I guess there was a need for “age rationalization” as well.

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If It’s to Be…3 Activities for Career Growth

career planning WEB SMLOnce I had a boss whose favorite saying was, “If it’s to be, it’s up to me.” She was especially fond of saying it when people were complaining about their jobs, the pay, or having success escape them for some unknown reason. As with most all success, it’s mostly always a matter of getting out of our own way. Nowhere is this truer than in our careers. One reason this is the case is that we so often feel we have no control of our careers or events that happen in an organization that seem to affect our careers or at least the next steps. Let’s see how you can get out of your own way and take control of our career.

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Six HR Metrics You and Your CEO Need Now

art 6 HR StratWEB SMLMost of the time, it seems, HR and CEOS are like oil and water. They can’t find the right mix of what the CEO needs to run the organization and the information HR can provide toward those goals. HR has information at its fingertips and when turning that information into concise metrics can provide real time strategic direction for the CEO.       

Hiring Metrics: Hiring and recruiting metrics may include how many employees are on board currently, how many people you have or will be hiring this year, the number of terminations, and the number of promotions. Yawn, so what?

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