Executive Coaching


Creating the life and career you want is not always easy. You may even question your own performance at work from time to time. Who doesn’t! You don’t have to face these challenges alone. Everyone needs a support system and I’d like to be part of yours. I provide solid coaching skills, tools, assessments, and processes I have used locally, nationally, and internationally with individuals, teams, and organizations; and I am confident you and I can work as a team to conquer most any challenge. Clients from executives to recent graduates, from different industries, walks of life, cultures, and with different goals have hired me to help them:

  • Increase clarity, focus, and direction
  • Create a specific strategy and a plan to reach goals
  • Build or enhance necessary skills
  • Create a supportive environment to facilitate success
  • Deal with barriers that prevent goal achievement

Having worked in Human Resources for a number of years, having been a job seeker, overcoming a traumatic childhood, and sometimes getting in my own way when trying to find solutions to life and career challenges, provides me a deeper insight into finding solutions in helping my clients find their own personalized path to a better life and career. Further, that same experience in HR working in an industry with constant management change coupled with being an Industrial Organizational Psychologist, provides me first-hand experience and understanding of the disruptions corporate changes can create.

Don’t wait until you face debilitating circumstances, you lose your job, or your way, send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with “Let’s Chat” in the subject line and I’ll schedule a no obligation, 30-minute chat to see how I can help.