HR Trends – Are You Keeping Up?

HR Trends WEB SMLIt used to be that when there was a job opening, a “personnel” manager could just post it in the paper, job seekers would look in the Help Wanted Section and the two of you would connect. The candidate would receive an invitation for an interview and if the candidate could walk, talk, and chew gum at the same time, he or she would be under serious consideration if not hired on the spot. Now HR and the organization must take a far more active role in recruiting, hiring, and retaining their workforce.

The New Super Hero Team – Business, IT, and HR

3 Heros WEB SMLThe ongoing disconnect between business, HR, and IT is legendary and many managers and even some executives may believe this thrilling threesome has nothing in common. Business can no longer operate without good talent management and HR can no longer be effective without IT. Why do these three bickering siblings need to get along for a more successful future?