The Changing Face of Sales

Sales Growth WEBThe sales process is changing from one of being process driven to one of relying on the insight and judgment of the sales representative. Why is this? Today’s customers can now find their own information about products, pricing, quality, and service levels for any industry or product. In other words, the customer is relying less on the sales person to “sell” them on the benefits of goods and services. More than likely, the customer has already sold themselves before they ever enter a store, showroom or sales event. Therefore, the sales professional requires less adherence to protocols, inspection, direction, and structure. What is needed is more guidance and support from managers. This fact alone demands a coaching platform. There are, however, considerations to examine.

Many managers lack coaching skills. Outside coaches can be brought in to achieve the task and this works well as a successful coaching relationship does not require years of having an established relationship, but rather trust is the key. Once trust is established and the coach and coachee feel they work well together, then great progress is achievable. In addition, it is wise to be sure a coach has good credentials.