How One Technique Can Build a Powerful Career

SME WEB 210In the beginning, let’s be clear that no technique, level of power, process, position etc., etc., etc., can build anyone a powerful career without first being a person of impeccable character. Without a foundation of ethics, you will be unable to build anything. OK that’s the disclaimer, now what is this technique?

How to Leverage Communication for Career Success

Leverage Comm WEB SMLRecently a colleague suggested that he doesn’t bother reading cover letters from job applicants as he feels they hold no value. To him, communication may be a dead art, but cover letters can provide great insight into a candidate’s qualifications, skills, and attributes. If a job seeker is smart, the cover letter is a valuable tool to landing that next job. In fact, according to Career Quest “communication skills consistently rank at the top of the list of soft skills hiring managers are looking for in new hires.” How can candidates and employees use communication for success?