How to Keep Your TMT From Becoming TNT

TMT to TNT WEBHenry Ford ruled his innovative assembly line company like a dictator, he had a hand in most every decision, and when backers didn’t agree with him, he simply bought them out. Later, a CEO would simply hire a COO to help run the organization. To paraphrase an old saying, organizations and their top management teams (TMT) have come a long way baby.

Business environments, CEOs, and their TMTs face an abundance of challenges that Henry Ford would probably only dream of in his worst business scenario nightmare. 

  • Global competitions
  • Changing technology
  • Organizational complexity
  • Succession
  • Instability
  • Diverse yet interdependent business units
  • Mobile staff in widespread locations

Of course, there are the internal stresses, disrupters, and explosive elements that can cause a TMT, or any team for that matter, to become dysfunctional. Internal elements consist of