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EQ 400

EQ Assessment with up to a 2 Hour Debrief
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TriMetrix 400

Powerful Trimetrix Assessment and up to 2 Hour Debrief
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Coaching 400

Six-Month Coaching Program including our
Powerful Trimetrix HD Assessment

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DISC Self Study
Earn your DISC Certification for career enhancement or to gain more clients.
• Study in the privacy of your own home or office.
• Advance at your own pace.
• Schedule study to fit your goals.
• Stay within budget.



Training“No one learns as much about a subject as one who [teaches] it.”
― Peter F. Drucker•
• Did you know that more than 70% of organizations see capability gaps as one of their top five challenges?
• Did you know that Best-in-Class organizations spend more on learning and development than laggard organizations?
• Did you know that employee development is a catalyst for employee engagement and enhanced productivity? 

Now imagine a program that can reduce capability gaps, set a clear path for your organization to be Best-in-Class, and is a catalyst for employee engagement and enhanced productivity. You don’t have to imagine it because Performance Strategies already has such a program.

  • Customization is more than just changing the organizational name on a training program. Customization means building training programs specifically designed for the needs of our clients.
  • Next we develop those programs with the information garnered from the needs assessment. But we don’t stop there. We incorporate future trends so that your workforce is more prepared to meet business demands so you can out-perform the competition.
  • Finally, we provide follow-up in order to ensure that training is not forgotten and so that changing trends can be incorporated.

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