Expanding Sales

Bus---Sales-Leader-WEBSales can be a challenge for any size company. However, organizations in early stages of growth or those growing too quickly may also experience lagging sales. This lag in sales can often be the result of a lack of vision, an absence of commitment, or a failure to plan for the future.

Sales in Early Stage Growth Companies

The CEO or founder typically wears the sales hat. The leader has the passion, enthusiasm and the knowledge of his/her products and services. This trilogy often drives sales as the leader has the ability to convey enthusiasm and passion to customers. In addition, the personal touch and the ability to connect with the person at the helm are intoxicating for some customers.

Sales in Later Stage Growth Companies

As organizations grow, the founder or CEO cannot wear all the hats all the time. At some point, hiring sales teams and sales managers is essential to growth. However, leadership must always understand what drives sales, why sales lag and why customers buy from their organization. Leadership executives involved in problem solving are more successful. Moreover, it is even more important to visit top customers quarterly.

Tools and Opportunities for Expanding Sales
Your Website

Every company has a website or at least should have a website. Just building a website does not guarantee that customers will rush in to purchase whatever you have to sell. If you are going to use your website to drive sales then it needs to have a sales driven focus. In other words, just setting up a website as a company brochure or as an esoteric place to visit is not going to make sales happen.


Two words…be selective. Attend networking activities where your target customers hang out. Build relationships with those who will either buy from you or who can refer you to someone who will buy from you.

Marketing Plan

Keep it simple. There is no need for some fancy smanchee, complex plan or an inordinately expensive outside consultant. Be clear about the marketing approach. Be succinct about your marketing message. Understand how you can fill the needs of your clients and customers who will drive the most sales to your bottom line.

Sales Process

Evaluate your lead generation and sales process. Review forecasting. Ensure that your sales force is not simply reacting to sales, taking customers for granite or failing to plan for sales.

Everyone in the organization needs to be a part of the sales process. Drive a company-wide sales mentality throughout your organization. Too often business leaders disconnect from sales believing someone with more experience can run this part of the business. Perhaps from a skills viewpoint that may be correct. However, from a knowledge perspective the business leader should always be able to provide valuable insight here. Therefore, if you have a sales force, make certain that you are the driving force behind their plans, processes and quotas.

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