Part Two - 4 Essential Elements of Teamwork

Team-Belong-WEBThis is the second of a four part series.

Teamwork or rather high performing teamwork is a much coveted attribute in any business with more than one employee. The need for good teamwork can be by two people, a department, between departments, city wide, nationally and even globally. We hear managers lament, “Why can’t we just get along.” or the ever popular, “If people would just talk things out, everything would be OK.”

Excellent teamwork involves more than just going on the annual retreat, holding hands and singing Kumbaya. There are four elements need to be in place to encourage strong team functionality.

Sense of Belonging: We all know one or two people who are lone wolves. However, the fact is that most humans are social animals. This is particularly true of those in industries like hospitality. Energy,
synergy and interaction build when socializing and working with other people. On the other hand, we are humans and each of us is different.
We all possess different values, motivators, acumen and behaviors. Nonetheless, a sense of belonging is one cognitive value that motivates people to action. This is, in part, due to the importance a person places on being a member of a team or group, and how strongly he or she wants to feel mutual respect with and for the people where he or she works.

The perfect team may be difficult to find. A good team requires a great leader, commitment on the part of its members, a shared sense of purpose and a balance of knowledge and power. If these are lacking in your team, here are some components to help establish a sense of belonging.

  1. A knowledge of corporate and departmental missions and goals. An understanding of how the team contributes to them.
  2. Belief in and commitment to achievement of team efforts.
  3. Mutual recognition of and respect for individual team member’s strengths and contributions.
  4. Active camaraderie within the workplace, regardless of the urgency of projects, goals or some team members.

In addition, there is another way to improve the appreciation of what other team members bring to the table. Make a list of people you work with on a regular basis. Then beside each person’s name, write their title and the unique talent that each brings to the projects on which the team is currently working. This can be done periodically on different projects, particularly when there is low team morale or people or feeling stuck.

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