CEOs: Layoff the Layoffs

Talent-Moving-WEBAccording to the CEO Economic Outlook Survey Q2 2015, CEOs will begin cutting back on spending and start working on layoffs. Here we go again. The people who need the money will no longer be making any, families will suffer, and the economy will be taking another nose dive. An important question to ask is what will these layoffs, lack of people power, and lost revenues do to your organization? What if there were a more creative way CEOs could keep their employees working, save families, save their communities, save the economy, and boost their organization all at the same time?

When conducting Tandem Team X-Ray Programs, it becomes clear that teams can be created that would allow employees to use their skills and attributes for real purpose. This helps satisfy the need employees have of wanting purpose in the workplaces. When employees work with purpose, they are more engaged and more productive. Leaders today have many opportunities to create meaning and purpose.

Results of assessments can identify employees with the following skills and attributes. In addition, ideas are presented on ways to help employees put these skills and attributes to good use, help the economy, and provide CEOs with a way to boost the organization.

Conceptual thinking, problem solving, futuristic thinking – People with high scores in these attributes, can form a task force to help the organization solve challenges around:

 - Customer service – The above team can collaborate with those who have high scores in customer focus.

 - Product/service development and product service expansion – This team can collaborate with those who have high scores in creativity, continuous learning, employee development/coaching, and          presenting. These skilled employees can form a team to move the organization forward on:

- Training - Now is the time to implement programs that can prepare the organization for planned future growth, expansion, and meet customer needs.

Coaching/ mentoring programs - Helping employees with professional development will pay off in increased employee engagement, productivity - including sales - better communication, help solve behavioral issues, resolve/reduce conflict, (collaborating with those who have high conflict resolution scores), goal achievement (yes, you can identify employees with high scores in this) for both employees and the organization and enhance personal accountability.

Sales programs – These programs can be developed through collaboration with those who have high scores in interpersonal skills, persuasion, presenting, customer focus, and of course, sales.

Collaboration -This team can collaborate with futuristic thinkers to ensure future business trends and customer needs will be addressed in strategic planning sessions.

Leadership - This talent is not just for the executive team, but for anyone who aspires to any level of leadership within your organization. This includes leadership for department heads, team leaders as well as leaders on special task forces for special endeavors such as community work.

So, CEOs layoff the layoffs and use slower business times in a more productive and ultimate bottom line building manner. The ideas presented here can help the entire staff to become strategic thinkers and gear plans, tasks, and ideas to meet business needs. That's good business and being a smart CEO.

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