Rebooting Recruiting

Rebooting Recruiting WEBNew times call for new techniques in virtually every area of life and recruiting is no exception. This goes beyond using technology such as social media and websites. For example, some organizations are using gamification. If a candidate is applying at a hotel, he or she can go on the website and run a department. An accounting firm allows the candidate to virtually “walk through” their offices and some departments in order to get a feeling for the environment. The recruiting wooing process goes even further by putting your best boot forward.

  •  The boot is on the other foot and now organizations must make their own best first impression. This is best accomplished through branding. In other words, companies will need to showcase why they are the best company to work for by touting benefits, perks, and culture. Mel Kleiman dubs this the UEP or Unique Employment Proposition.
  • Mr. Kleiman offers a unique recruiting idea of his own. He suggests that if you receive a reference check for a former “STAR” employee, call that employee yourself and see if she/he has any interest in returning to your organization. Who knows – maybe the reason they left has undergone changes or corrections may have been made.
  • On the other foot, employees typically do not spend their entire careers at one company or even in one industry. Therefore, it is essential to find out what the candidate is seeking in terms of work. If the boot fits, fine, if not move on to the next candidate.
  • Another source suggests that when hiring, ensure that the candidate has the soft skills necessary to work in a team and who is open to learning. This candidate will have the capacity to learn skills that are lacking and will be much easier to work with than an individual who is technically savvy, but who doesn’t work well with others. I wouldn’t want to be in your boots if you hire such a candidate. It’s only a matter of time before the other boot drops.
  • One of the first rules in business is “Make it easy for people to give you their money.” In a sense the same basic philosophy applies to recruiting. Make it easy for candidates to find your job postings.
  • Once the candidate finds you, quick follow-up is essential. This means getting back to candidates as quickly as possible. Put yourself in their boots. Not following up, can make a candidate feel disrespected and unvalued.
  • A good rule of thumb is to hire slow and fire fast. However, a long, drawn out hiring process, loses candidates faster than you can say adverse impact.

    Don’t get comfortable in your bold boots. Recruiting must change to meet the demands of the market, technology, and industries. How can an organization hope to attract top talent when it presents a face of the past, mediocrity, and a lack of understanding of candidates’ needs? Give old recruiting habits the boot and enjoy the talent that rebooting recruiting will bring to your organization.

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