Spooky Team Members

Zombies WEBDo you have spooky team members who haunt you with their behaviors and communication styles? You know, those team members who frighten you because of their aggressive nature. Another spooky team member might be the one who is so flighty you expect to see them flying around the office and they don’t even need a broom! Or how about the strong, silent, team member? You know, the one with the face made of stone. No one can ever tell what they are thinking. Are they plotting, are they happy, or are they hiding some deep, dark and dangerous secret? Or how about the team member who is so literal, will not make a move unless there is a rule involved? Yes, the ones, who take so long to make a decision that you think if you walk by their office, you will see cobwebs growing around them. Here’s the really scary part, one of these is you!

No matter which one is you, you must know how to handle the other spooky types. So who should change, you or them? Well no one needs to change or morph into some other haunting entity or become a skeleton of yourself. Rather, the idea is to adapt. Let’s look at each of these characters and see what might work to help these spooky types interact with one another without creating a horror movie.

The Aggressive Types

These folks are just looking for results and efficiency. They want to surge forward and get things done. It would help if they could put the brakes on as they can appear a bit scary to slower types.

The Flighty Types

Park that broom occasionally. Be less of a chatter box and try to get to the point. Maybe you shouldn’t trust everyone just will nilly. After all, you never know who might be a closet vampire.

The Strong Silent Type

Loosen up! Pick up the pace! Don’t let the aggressive types over power you, they might cast a spell on you because you’re being so secretive.

The Literal Type

Wow! Can you ask a lot of questions? Uh, yes. You might be task oriented and concentrate a little too much on getting that stake driven in just the right spot, but you too could loosen up a bit, pick up the pace, and don’t be so serious. After all, none of us is getting out of this thing alive.

Don’t go Boo! Build a non-spooky team. Happy Haunting!

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