Logical Strategies for Organizational Change

Many businesses are still practicing talent mismanagement through “fire, ready, aim” rather than “ready, aim, fire.” Although you might get lucky and this approach may work, implementing a more logical and effective process for selecting top talent is the key to your company’s future success.

One approach starts with a clear definition of the key jobs your company has to fill. You will have a much better chance of finding the right fit for a job if you first define the job, then hire the talent that matches the job. Yet, this concept is still too new for many businesses. Besides, is it possible to measure a job and then apply the same measurement to talent?

Yes! It is possible! And you can take advantage of a patented, time-tested approach that has proven to be beneficial for many companies in the typical, “unlucky” hiring situation. Performance Strategies’ benchmarking process will help you define jobs and identify matching talent with factual, unbiased measurements. It’s a matter of beginning your next hiring process by assessing the job first and quantifying its top three to five key accountabilities. The rest will be a guide for objectively assessing and hiring matching talent.

So why wait? Increase your “luck” in finding the right person for the job by adding this new, “logical” assessment methodology to your current hiring process to help prevent poor hires and the related drain on your business. Your investment in an effective talent selection process will undoubtedly be a valuable decision in the future success of your business!