How One Technique Can Build a Powerful Career

SME WEB 210In the beginning, let’s be clear that no technique, level of power, process, position etc., etc., etc., can build anyone a powerful career without first being a person of impeccable character. Without a foundation of ethics, you will be unable to build anything. OK that’s the disclaimer, now what is this technique?

Not Rocket Science

This technique is not rocket science. In it is amazingly simple, yet so many people are fearful, don’t believe it is worth their time and energy, or fail to realize the real power behind it. The technique is becoming an SME (subject matter expert). Let’s look at what this involves.

Being an SME

Of course, you know your job, you have skills, talent, and even business acumen. However, being an SME requires having self-awareness.  If you are not self-aware, how are you going to know what weaknesses you need to build up or what strengths you have and need to leverage? As an example, there are naturally curious people who want to know everything about anything. Others only pursue knowledge or information when they feel they have the need to use that knowledge or expertise. If you have the latter behavioral style you may have to exercise more self-discipline around pursuing the knowledge and expertise you need to be an SME.  The former behavioral style will need to focus on useful topics and work on not falling prey to the next new shiny object.  Both efforts require self-discipline. If you have no self-discipline and are not aware of that, well we could go on and on, but you get the picture for the necessity of in-depth self-awareness. Why is having in-depth knowledge such a career benefit?

One word can sum up the reason in-depth knowledge is important, and that word is power. Like humor, power is a slippery slope and possessing some levels of power can be a detriment. That is not the kind of power we are advocating here. Nor is seeking self-awareness introspection as that is the lowest level of self-awareness. What can help in gaining in-depth self-awareness is engaging in hiring a coach, finding a coach or mentor at work, taking assessments with scientific backing, engaging in 360 feedback from your peers, or joining a mastermind group.

In-depth Self-awareness Helps:

Build Confidence: While no one expects you to know everything, having in-depth knowledge does help to both inspire those around you as well as to help them to have confidence in you as a leader.

Develop Purpose: Understanding that your expertise can inspire others to not only have confidence in you, but to have respect for you can serve to give your own work a newfound sense of purpose.

Contribute to Strategic Planning: Because you are pursing in-depth knowledge, you will uncover business trends. This will help you to integrate your knowledge into strategic plans for better planning.

How to Increase Expertise

Learn Your Job: You know how to do your job, you do it every day. But how likely is your job to change in the future? What impact is technology going to have on the tasks you perform today? Or what impact will it have on the jobs that touch yours, thereby affecting yours? Will your job be around in the next 10 to 15 years? Keeping up with trends in your job and industry is essential.

Master Mind Group:  Master Mind groups are not just for entrepreneurs. Master Mind groups are for like minded people and those are the people you want to be around. Master Mind sessions are not for griping or whining. Rather, Master Minds are for people who want to learn and grow and help support one another. This can be a group either inside or outside your organization and you can either find one to join or create your own.

Network with Leaders: Who are the people in your industry who can mentor and guide you? Who are the people you can learn the most from in terms of your career process? Where do these people “hang out”? You might find these people in other departments or at networking events.

Social Media: Social Media is one of the most important, easy to use, and effective way to connect and learn from others in your field. Conducting research on companies and the people in them can help save you hours.

Coaching/Mentoring: Hiring a coach or finding a coach or mentor at work can help you gain in-depth knowledge, provide support, and give you that extra push you need to go after the career you want.  

Be willing to invest in becoming an SME.  Have applicable knowledge and expertise can help you build a powerful career that provides a foundation for an interesting, challenging, and dependable career for life.

Thank you for reading this blog. If you want more information about how to build your career, Let’s Get Started.

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