Are You Using LUCK or LOGIC?

We have all heard this story over and over again. “Our new hire had all the right experience, good references, and interviewed like a champ! But here it is, six weeks later, and he’s just not working out. We can’t ignore the fact that he’s simply wrong for the job, and we made yet another hiring mistake. Now, we have to start all over again!”

The Luck of the Draw

Does “The Luck of the draw” describe your hiring system? If your hiring system consists of finding warm bodies, or hiring the first person that applies, or hiring the one with the slickest resume, you are doomed to repeat the above scenario and your luck may be about to run out if you continue to select talent the way you always have, hoping that you will be luckier next time

Today with intangible assets accounting for much of a business’s market value, something has to change.

“Luck never made a man wise” (Seneca – Roman philosopher). What does make
one wise is to establish an integrated hiring system. Building such a system might appear to be a huge change for some organizations, however, this system can help you hire the right talent for the job, reduce costly hiring errors, grow your profits, and make your competition wonder how you got so lucky.