How to be a Communication Hero

Comm Hero 210Anytime you have a plan in place for worse case scenarios, your people and your organization handle it better and the bounce back is quicker and higher.  Some companies do have disaster plans in place. For example, there are plans for fire (domestic and wild), earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunami warnings, and oh yes, pandemics. Seriously, some organizations do keep such plans in place or at the least, watch the warning signs and get a head start. For example, Talking Rain Beverage Co., which took early warning signs seriously did get ahead of the curve in preparing their employees for the current crisis. What does this have to do with being a “Communication Hero?”

Communication can be difficult enough when everything is going smoothly. But when our “communication cues” such as tone, facial expression and eye contact are diminished or are non-existent, then communication can become a real challenge. But here are some ideas for you to become a communication hero.

Practice the 3 Cs

Offer Clear, Concise, and Continuous communication. If you thought you were doing this before, double your recipe. People need guidance, reassurance, and personal contact. Being there physically logistically may not be possible, when it comes to personal contact, but one-on-one meetings are a great idea even though they may be virtual.

Get Creative with Communication

Organizations typically offer employee activities such as company picnics, on and off property teambuilding activities, or opportunities to volunteer for a local charity. Organizations have had to become a bit more creative and here are some ideas:

  • Send tips for teaching children at home
  • Help to combat loneliness
  • A guide to schedule a virtual doctor’s visit
  • Conduct surveys
  • Hold focus groups
  • Offer several communication platforms such as Slack, Skype, Google Hangout Meets, Go to Meeting, Twist, Zoom, Flowdock, UberConference, Miro, Microsoft Teams, and others.
  • Host trivia games
  • Virtual cooking shows
  • Virtual coffee breaks and happy hours
  • Offer a small monetary compensation for needed materials to work from home
  • Hold small challenges that seem to be all the rage now

Maintain a Balance

There is always a danger in micromanaging to stay in touch and ensuring everyone stays in the loop. Have discussions around this idea. Some organizations find it helpful to inform employees about the health or sales of the organization. This can help reduce fears and bring a sense of calmness and community and make you a communication hero.

Thank you for reading this blog. For more ideas on clearer communication Let's get started