Nix the Future of Work Fear

Fear Future 210When sitting down to write this blog, the question came to mind, “Do we humans enjoy fear?” The question came up because we (humans) it appears keep piling the fears on, like the fear of black cats, spiders, the unknown, change, and now the future of work. Do we enjoy fear?

The Joy of Fear

According to Christopher Dwyer, Ph.D. yes, we do enjoy, at least, the “feelings” that fear invokes. Thinking logically, we don’t need to create or invent fear as there are enough real ones out there for us to happily select from that provide those feelings. Moreover, there are many events in our control, at least in part, to help ward off or reduce those feelings of fear. This is important because fear and logic cannot occupy the same space in our brains and operating a business from a perspective of fear is not a catalyst for success. Let’s look at the future of work and how we can better prepare than miring ourselves in the quicksand of fear.

Business Strategies to Ward Off Fear

Managing Talent

No matter what business or industry you’re in, you need people. You need the right talent for the right job at the right time all the time. This sounds like a tall order but stopping recruiting or even hiring endeavors is not the answer.

Ensure that you understand your top talent and that you are maintaining their employment through engagement. Both you and the employee need to recognize and understand their potential. Misunderstanding, miscommunicating with or not recognizing your employee’s potential or value leaves the exit door wide open.

Don’t be afraid to look toward the future and conduct talent planning. Contract workers are and will continue to be a source of talent. Having a pool at the ready as the economy and your company grows will give you a better start than if you try to start from having done nothing. Create a flexible workplace to attract talent that come in the office some days and work remotely some days or work a half day at both locations every day.


Many think this is a given. However, while writing this blog, I am in the throes of a customer service debacle lasting several weeks and will continue for at least another week. This debacle has resulted in delays in delivery, incorrect products being delivered, products being sent to the wrong state, and several unnecessary trips to the store. This debacle is due to an antiquated technology system that needs replacing. No, it is not some Mom and Pop operation, but a major, nationwide retailer.

To fear investing or understanding new technology is a huge strategic planning error.

Employee Development

Many organizational leaders fear investing in developing employees as the fear is that the employee will take their newfound knowledge and training elsewhere. According to a study by SHRM Foundation this is not the case.  In fact, development is an incentive for an employee to stay with an organization. Of course, the organization must provide employees opportunities for these knew knowledge and skills to be put into practice. This is where your succession and career planning programs come into play.

A Scary Place to Work

…is no place to work! Working tirelessly to create an enjoyable work experience and ensuring that every person receives fair treatment in your workplace is indeed an important key in future of work success. Your workplace environment is your brand. Gen Z is acutely aware of this factor in their job search. Since they will be making up a larger work force than the millennials, they will be in the workforce even longer so it behooves your leadership to drive that good brand through your organization and out the door to the streets and on social media.

In Conclusion

Implementing even just these few workplace priorities can help take the fear out of the future of work. They provide your teams a foundation on which to operate daily in a more successful and productive manner. They help your leadership build trust, a good brand name, and an attraction tool for both good talent and customer satisfaction. With these tools there is no need to fear the future of work, change, or the unknown.

Thank you for reading this blog. If you would like more information on taking the fear out of your future, Let's get started

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