5 Tips for Business Success from the Experts

Recently Matt Lauer, host of the Today Show, interviewed a panel of experts on their outlook on life and economic expectations. The panel consisted of Warren Buffett, CEO Berkshire Hathway; Tony Robbins, Motivational Speaker; Susan Blakely, Founder of Spanx; and Juan Castro, Mayor of San Antonio, TX.

1.Every member of the panel was optimistic about the future. This also is their general outlook on life. Remember without optimism, there is no hope. If we have no hope, we cannot be successful. Your team’s attitude is showing. Is that attitude at the level of Needs Development, Developed, or Well Developed? If you have a team that has a low-level attitude index, there will be chaos, disagreement, people who are disgruntled, and there will be a lack of cooperation. Coaching can help some team members improve their attitude. However, repositioning within the organization may be in order for some. Others may require recycling back into the workforce.

2.Tony Robbins suggested that the continued development and growth of technology can help us to be successful. His position is that technology has created many opportunities to gather resources and to help business people to market their businesses and gain market share that would have been unavailable to them even just a few years past. How are you using technology to leverage your business? Does your team understand how to use technology to help propel your organization forward? Alternatively, are there laggards who refuse to keep up with technology? Are there members who fear technology and avoid it? Take your team’s techno pulse and ensure that everyone is on the same page with understanding, using, and keeping up with the rapid changes in technology.

3.Each panel member not only adheres to the philosophy of being optimistic. They also value believing in self. In his book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill shares the philosophy of believing in yourself and having faith that you can achieve your goals. Is your team keeping the faith? Do they fully understand and believe in their skills, talents, and attributes? Are they fully utilizing those skills, talents, and attributes to help grow your organization’s bottom line?

4.The discussion of uncertainty came up and Warren Buffet offered that the short-term future is always uncertain. However, he went on to advise, that the long-term future is always certain and that is where business owners should place their focus. While some tell us to focus in the moment, Mr. Buffet makes a good point. Business owners must establish a long-term vision. As the moments come into play on our journey to that vision, these moments require our focus one at a time. Is your team aware of your organization’s long-term vision? Do they understand how to focus on tasks, as each moment in your vision presents itself?

5.Hang out with successful people. Again, Napoleon Hill discusses this philosophy using his principles of the power of the mastermind. In his chapter entitled, “Power of the Mastermind,” he discusses the different types of power that come from associating with like-minded people. Have you been able to develop teams of like-minded members? Do your team members share the organization’s goals? Are there team members with their own agendas? Is your team pulling together or pulling apart?

     Some of the tips these four experts provide may appear to be basic. However, they form the very foundation on which to build your business and your team. They are time tested and solid. Wishing you success, profitability, and continued growth in your business.

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