How to Complicate Your Organization

In the movie Six Days Seven Nights, two of the main characters become stranded on a desert island and eventually fall in love. Harrison Ford’s character (Quinn Harris) turns to the love interest character, Robin Monroe, played by Anne Heche and states, “I decided my life is too simple, I wanna complicate the hell out of it.” While a CEO may want to expand his or her organization, complicating matters is probably not the thought uppermost in the CEO’s mind. However, Harrison Ford’s line fits the organizational growth scenario.

As a company grows, the complexity of the organization increases. However, the complexity is not because of revenues, profits, or equity growth. Organizational complexity increases because of a factor that is often difficult to control – people. While a CEO might desire to hire a character like Indiana Jones from Raiders of the Lost Ark to swoop in and rescue the company from such complications, some better ideas follow…

Hiring Processes: Let the job talk. When a job talks, it tells you the skills, knowledge, and attributes it needs to function at its optimal level. Benchmarking, assessments, and ensuring that the right person is in the right job are solutions that reduce turnover, increase employee engagement, and save money.

Team Analytics: Each time a person enters or leaves a team, department, task force, or committee, dynamics change. Team analytics reveal the strengths of team members, areas where the team member’s style may present opportunity for improvement, discovers behavioral styles not represented on the team, and ensures teams and departments have the right mix of talent to meet your goals.

Coaching: Coaching programs facilitate professional development, productivity, employee engagement, and retention creating pathways for enhanced succession planning.

Training: Training is not always the answer to problems. However, the lack of training can limit an organization’s growth. Training can enhance performance, attitudes motivation, and empowerment. Training programs that add benefits to your organization as it continues to grow are, creating strategic thinkers throughout your organization, handling difficult situations, communication, change management, and attitude.

Don’t let the complexities of organizational change leave your company stranded. Don’t get lost in the caves of succession planning. You can be the hero of your organization using the tools above to better navigate the labyrinths of organizational growth.

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