7 Tips for Building High Performance Teams

Diverse Team 210Building high performance teams isn’t rocket science, but high-performance teams don’t just appear out of nowhere, nor are they built overnight. Any type of team building requires effort but building high performance teams takes even more effort, dedication, and commitment. No, it’s not rocket science, it’s more of a combination of art and science. Just how does the blending of these two working together result in building high performing teams?

High Performing Teams

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How to Protect Your Future with SA

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Many of you who read this will associate the term situational awareness (SA) with either military operations or security concerns. In terms of military, SA is knowing for example, the location, speed, direction, and fire power of hostiles. In terms of security, SA relates to being familiar with your surroundings, having a heightened sense of awareness of events unfolding around you and being at the ready to take any necessary actions. In today’s society we all need to take a certain amount of personal responsibility for our own safety. But what place does SA have in business?

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Conquering Conflict in Teams

Team Conflict 210People say the one constant in life – and business is change. However, there really are two, the other is conflict. While you strive for diversity in your culture, anytime you put a group of people together working with one another daily who have diverse thoughts, experiences, beliefs, ideas, talents, backgrounds, skill sets, and levels of skill sets, you’re going to have conflict. No where is this truer than on high performing teams. Let’s face it, these are competitive people otherwise they would not have made it where they are. Conflict is inevitable and a natural part of their DNA. As a leader don’t you have enough to do without having to manage team conflict?

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What is Strategic Thinking and Why is It Important?

Strat Think Wom WEB 210When researching literature about strategic thinking, every author has his/her own definition for what constitutes strategic thinking. Indeed according to a report by the United States Army Research institute for the Behavior Sciences, the definition for strategic thinking has been changing through the decades to fit trends in business and management strategies. Modern literature offers a veritable smorgasbord of definitions. So how do people know if they are engaging in strategic thinking or not?

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Treasuring Trainers

Trg WEB 210People think that other people’s jobs are easy. “Oh, anyone can do that job.” “ I Could do that job with my eyes closed.” This is particularly true about jobs such as facilitating, teaching and training  - especially training.  Making matters worse, in Corporate America during a layoff, downtime, or economic turndown, training is the first position to go and the last position for rehiring. Adding insult to injury, trainers often garner the least respect of their co-workers. In short, Corporate America is not treasuring its trainers. So, this begs the question, “Can training really be that easy?”

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10 Ways to Build Your Team’s EQ

Team EQ WEB210People make up teams. Every person on your team has different skills and every team member’s skill set brings something to the table. Team members also possess different behavioral styles, motivators, and different competencies. In addition, every team member has various levels of business acumen, and of course diverse levels of EQ. Is EQ more important than skill sets? Can an entire team have an EQ score?

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The Case of the Data Fearing Grandma

Car Trouble 210Working out of my home office one day waiting on a client, I looked out the door and saw an elderly woman walking up the driveway and saw her car was in the street partially blocking access to the driveway. Walking out to meet her and to see what she wanted, she stated that her car had broken down and needed assistance. I asked, “Who can you call?” She replied, “I don’t have a phone.” I immediately began looking behind trees to see who might be backing up this woman and her scam claiming she had no phone.  As it turns out, this poor woman didn’t have an auto club membership, had no phone, had no credit card, and had no debit card. The reason? She was trying to protect her privacy!! Has managing our personal data come down to choosing between privacy and personal safety?

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Where Will We Find the Next Generation of Leaders?

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When beginning research for this blog post, the angle was in a different vein than what the reader sees here. The original angle gave way to some pithy posts on social media such as:

  • Even the best leaders are only as good as the people around them.
  • Savvy CEOs ensure their executives come from varied backgrounds and experience.
  • Good leaders possess: Accountability, Resourcefulness, and Self-confidence etc., etc., etc. There is a plethora of skills future leaders will require for their success as well as that of their organizations. Deeper research began revealing some food for thought.
  1. There is little organizational loyalty and job hopping has become so common place that now companies are even “renting” employees instead of hiring them.
  2. According to an article on the site of Hult International Business School, most companies hire their CEOs from within after climbing the corporate ladder.

What’s wrong with this picture? It begs the question, even if people do have good skills, where will we find the next generation of leadership?

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