Understanding the Problem

Facilitation of meetings between key leaders or between members of a team will identify the problem behind the symptom.

Sharing the problem with key leaders and working with them to devise a strategy for moving forward will shift the focus away from the problem and toward the solution.

Implementing the strategy – through one-on-one coaching, training and follow-up will propel the company toward success.

• Coaching and Consulting

Understanding the Employee

Assessments are powerful tools to understand the motivators behind the individual’s behaviors and the motivators a particular job requires for success.  These tools provide unprecedented insight into individuals – the things they enjoy, the things they value, and the things they need to be happy.

Armed with this understanding of the positions within the company AND the understanding of the people you employ, you’ll make better, more profitable hiring and leadership decisions.

• Behavioral Profiles
• Personal Interests, Attitudes and Values Assessments
• Personal Skills Inventory
• Job Benchmarking and Personal Talent Reports

Understanding Change

Simply saying, “I’ll do it differently next time” isn’t enough to guarantee change.  Change is difficult and requires both determination and diligence to succeed.

Employers can provide the tools through training, but that’s merely offering a temporary bandage.  Real change results from behavior modification, and behavior modification results from practice. Practice can be ensured through follow-up sessions on desired skills.

• Personal Accountability
• Dynamic Communications
• Team Building
• Customer Service
• Understanding Time Management
• Companion CD’s