How to Remove the Me in Your Conflicts

Disappear Sml WebThere is plenty of conflict to go around these days. The “Me” in the title of this article is not me but you. So, let’s clear that up right now. I’m the center of enough of my own conflicts without being a part of yours. The three main ‘me’ conflicts are Me – Me, Me – You, and Me – Job. Those of us who work with behavioral management are attune to these three and a good coach or mentor can spot them quickly and the good news is that there are clear methods to deal with each of them.

A Little History

Research on what makes people tick, began in ancient history around 444 B.C. with Empedocles, who was the founder of the school of medicine. This is also the beginning of the DISC language for behaviors, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Compliance.

Two Funerals and a Culture

Cultural Diversity WEB SMLThe funerals of Aretha Franklin and John McCain demonstrate a vivid contrast in cultures, and cultural ceremonies. These two celebrations of life couldn’t be more different. One had lively renditions of vocals, the other more somber musical tributes. At one, people wore highly expressive outfits. At the other, attendees displayed more toned-down and traditional attire. Both had moments of humor, applause, and solemnity. One was like Google on steroids, the other like IBM. Which of these celebrations is most like your organizational culture and why does culture matter?