Don’t Dump the Data Out with the Dish Water

bcgd Water SML WEBGathering data for a variety of reasons is a big deal for business. In addition, not only are there a variety of areas a business needs to be collecting data in, but there are also a variety of types of analytics producing data such as predictive, descriptive, prescriptive, and causal analytics. Collecting any data can be time consuming and expensive. However, the answers and possible solutions data can bring are well worth the effort.

One area organizations should be collecting data in is Human Capital. While this is a new phenomenon for many, human capital analytics enjoys a long history. However, today there is a better cohesiveness and labeling around analytics. Further, there are new technologies and tools that help facilitate the gathering and interpretation of data as well as cost reduction. Yet, despite this, many organizations struggle with a few questions:

  1. Who should be on the analytics gathering team?
  2. How much should we budget for analytics?
  3. Which projects should we pursue?
  4. How should we use the data we collect?
  5. How can we sustain the practice of analytics?

The Case of the Data Fearing Grandma

Car Trouble 210Working out of my home office one day waiting on a client, I looked out the door and saw an elderly woman walking up the driveway and saw her car was in the street partially blocking access to the driveway. Walking out to meet her and to see what she wanted, she stated that her car had broken down and needed assistance. I asked, “Who can you call?” She replied, “I don’t have a phone.” I immediately began looking behind trees to see who might be backing up this woman and her scam claiming she had no phone.  As it turns out, this poor woman didn’t have an auto club membership, had no phone, had no credit card, and had no debit card. The reason? She was trying to protect her privacy!! Has managing our personal data come down to choosing between privacy and personal safety?