Team and Individual Coaching: vive la différence! Really?

Team Ind 210Both individual and team coaching enjoy a rich history. Despite its widespread popularity, coaching remains an enigma for leaders.  Despite its effectiveness for many, leaders remain hesitant to implement this tool. Further, adding to the confusion, even though many individuals and teams report an improvement in productivity, focus, and even life-changing breakthroughs, there are a lack of studies to help support these important claims. What’s the difference between team and individual coaching? How does a leader determine whether to implement individual or team coaching? In addition, how does a leader know if any coaching is worth the ROI?

Where Will We Find the Next Generation of Leaders?

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When beginning research for this blog post, the angle was in a different vein than what the reader sees here. The original angle gave way to some pithy posts on social media such as:

  • Even the best leaders are only as good as the people around them.
  • Savvy CEOs ensure their executives come from varied backgrounds and experience.
  • Good leaders possess: Accountability, Resourcefulness, and Self-confidence etc., etc., etc. There is a plethora of skills future leaders will require for their success as well as that of their organizations. Deeper research began revealing some food for thought.
  1. There is little organizational loyalty and job hopping has become so common place that now companies are even “renting” employees instead of hiring them.
  2. According to an article on the site of Hult International Business School, most companies hire their CEOs from within after climbing the corporate ladder.

What’s wrong with this picture? It begs the question, even if people do have good skills, where will we find the next generation of leadership?