1. What do your services include?
Three on-line assessments
One cover letter
One - one or two page resume
One – 2-hour coaching session

2. How does the process work?

You are asked to take three on-line assessments. These assessments tell us such things as
• Your ideal working environment
• Your interests and values
• A rank order of 82 of your attributes

In addition, these assessments give us items to put on your resume and cover letter to help market you better. After you take the assessments, you are asked to come in for a two-hour coaching session to help in your job search and to gather additional information for your resume and cover letter. This can be accomplished over the phone, but it is much more helpful to meet you in person!

After the coaching session, it takes three to four days to write your documents. I try to get them to you sooner if at all possible.

You are emailed a rough draft. You then review both documents for any changes. In that email you are sent times to call for your telephone review session. You simply email me what date/time works best for you and that time is reserved for our review session.

3. Why do I have to call you?

It is important for us to have a phone appointment so that time is devoted totally to you without interruption. It is best for you to make the call because then I know you are prepared. Over the years, I have tried making these calls, but sometimes clients forget, or they are not there and we play telephone tag, or they are not ready, or I wind up talking to their two-year-old while they get ready. This is a waste of valuable time – especially for the poor two-year-old.
Also please keep your appointment time. A five-minute window is allowed for late calls. Sometimes calls are scheduled only 30 minutes apart. I want you to enjoy the full allotted session time. At that time, we will go over each section of the resume and cover letter.


4. How long do I have to make changes to my resume?
From the time I send your first draft, all changes need to be completed within 30days.

5. What if I’m not happy with my resume?
I work with you until you are happy. Please bear in mind that typically I write a “combination” resume. Once that resume is written I work with you on that document. I cannot afford to write a completely different resume. For example, knowing that I write a combination resume, you may not then say I’m unhappy and want a “functional” resume. That would require charging for another resume.

6. Why do you need my credit card up front?
Your credit card is not charged until after you take the three assessments. Once you take the assessments you have used products retailing at $275.00 and my own business credit card is charged when you take the assessments. Unfortunately I have had people take the assessments and then have been unable to collect fees. Further, having the credit card number is an incentive for the client to complete the process. However, if there is no response from you to set up an appointment within a short time, the charges will be made to your card.
I have been in Atlanta since 1956 and writing resumes since 1987 and would never do anything to tarnish the reputation I have built.

7. Why should I use you instead of someone else?
Please bear in mind that regardless of who writes your resume, you can show it to ten different people and get ten different opinions. However, I feel I bring a unique perspective to the table having been both a hiring manager and a job seeker. It is my intent to market you, your skills and accomplishments so that you stand out above the competition.

8. How long does the entire process take?
You have control over when you take the assessments. When those are completed and we have our coaching session, it takes anywhere from three to five days for you to have your first draft. Scheduling issues then dictate how long the rest of the process takes. I make every effort to set up follow-up phone appointments within a week of your first draft. That time is for you to carefully review your resume and check for any errors or changes that might be needed.

9. Do you want to see my current/old resume?
Yes, oftentimes, we can use the information or elaborate on a particular achievement.

10. After I have the completed resume will I need to come to you if I ever need to update my resume?
Certainly I would look forward to working with you again. However, your documents are sent to you in Word so you make any future needed updates.

11. What qualifies you to prepare resumes and coach?
When it comes to writing resumes, I feel I bring a unique perspective to the job having been both a hiring manager and a job seeker and I have been writing resumes since 1987. Credentials as a coach include over 20 years of combined experience in human resources and as a coach. In addition I hold a BS in Psychology from Georgia State University, and I hold the following certifications: Certified Behavioral Analyst (CPBA), Certified Values Analyst (CPVA), Certified in the TriMetrix line of assessments as well as DISC, Registered Corporate Coach (RCC), and Certified Leaders Coaching Leaders Coach (LCL)

12. Do you do job search coaching?

13. Are you a placement service?
No, however positions are sent to me from time to time from various sources. I pass these along to my clients. I receive no compensation from these.

14. Do you give student discounts?