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People have UNIQUE TALENTS and SKILLS of which they are often unaware.
TTI SUCCESS INSIGHTS exists to REVEAL and HARNESS this talent using the SCIENCE OF SELF®.

Diane Bogino is here to improve the lives and productivity of your employees, organization and management team. Diane brings solid expertise and successful experience in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development, Selection, and Team Productivity in a variety of organizations and industries.  Call Diane today (404) 320-7834

Team X-Ray

Teamwork: Simply stated, it’s less me and more we. ~~ Anonymous

Tandem Teams BoldIs your team pulling together or pulling apart?

  • Do you know how to improve teamwork before a project even begins?
  • Did you know that leaders are rarely trained on how to build effective teams?
  • Did you know that teamwork can determine the success of your organization? 

Now imagine a program that can help you better understand which team members fit which project, that helps leaders build more efficient teams, and one that helps ensure the success of the organization. You don’t have to imagine it because Performance Strategies already has such a tool and process.

Many teambuilding programs concentrate on the team as a whole. Others deliver fun exercises to help people work better together. These are both good ideas. However, unless a program addresses both team and individual needs, teambuilding has no lasting effect. Our Tandem Team X-Ray program is unique in that it:

  • Addresses both the team as a whole and each team member
  • Team transparency
  • Better communication through enhanced understanding
  • Provides a clear x-ray of the team allowing the CEO to make more effective talent, tasks and team decisions
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