The quality of your customer service depends on the quality of your people.

~~ Diane Bogino

HotelBuilding and maintaining a database of satisfied customers is a challenge for any organization and having the right people interacting with customers to maintain and keep your data base growing is key in overall customer satisfaction. Understanding who the customer is and the type of interaction the customer best responds to can be the difference between satisfied and dissatisfied customers. Our products can teach employees how to recognize the behavioral style of customers and, therefore, adapt their own behavioral style in order to effectively communicate.

 In this program participants will learn:

Their customer service problems skills and how to make them stronger

  • Perceptions – how they and others view them
  • How they influence customers, how they react to changes and how they react to your customer service policies and procedures
  • Good customer service strategies to fit any customer’s needs
  • How to control certain customer service situations to the customer’s satisfaction
  • How to develop an action plan to provide better customer service on time, every time
  • Areas for improvement

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