Over 70% of Americans who go to work are not engaged.  This means

businesses may be operating at significantly less than full capacity,

 a loss that could cost millions a year.

Yo DudeWith tightening budgets and a focus on cost-saving strategies, businesses worldwide are making drastic labor cuts. But is that always the right move? A recent study analyzed the savings resulting from changes in general and administrative functions and found that 75% of the savings came from strategies focused on restructuring and redesigning, while only 25% was from reducing.

Bottom Line Statistics

Knowing the bottom line results of talent challenges will help you implement strategies with a proven ROI that you can see on your balance sheet. This program is for top level executives and delivers the following;

  • A true dollar measure of disengaged employees unique to your organization
  • Understanding what specific jobs require for optimal performance
  • How to remove biases during the hiring process  
  • Discover better talent management techniques

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